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Vegan Sausage Roll

by Greggs


4.40 (82)

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14 October 2020
Not the most aesthetically pleased food item to photograph but what it lacks in looks,

it makes up for in taste. A perfect on the go snack when out and about 👌🏽 #veganisnotscary #ashers #greyton #pigsnpaws #northernireland #greggs #sausageroll #pastry #southernveganupnorth

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Day 6!
Quick snack to eat when feeling a bit hungry whilst doing shopping. Great

in taste, a little bit salty but still great. Best eaten warm. This one was unfortunately cold but still lovely. #veganisnotscary

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For 1 pound you can get this tasty sausage roll at Greggs! Crispy pastry and

the sausage was pretty good (quorn?). Definitely worth a try and great snack to munch on in the afternoon!

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The filling is really tasty but I don’t really enjoy the pasty too much, but

I will give them another go as every time i’ve tried one it’s been cold

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This hot vegan sausage roll is a must-eats because it was soooo delicious. Crispy puff

pastry filled with Quorn sausage. Taste even better when it's hot. A great filling snack for in-between meals or if you are short of time. I'll eat one whenever I pass by Greggs😜. #quorn #sodelicious #snack

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How have I not reviewed the famouse vegan sausage roll before?! This was a serious

game-changer in the UK when it released! So affordable at only £1 and now they also sell them frozen in some of the supermarkets. I’m sure all the the UK Vegans will have tried this! 😋 💚 #abillionlove

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