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  • Truffle Mushroom Vegetable Bun
  • Truffle Mushroom Vegetable Bun

Truffle Mushroom Vegetable Bun

by Greendot Plaza Singapura


4.30 (6)

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21 September 2020
I usually have low hopes for vegan pau’s but this was surprisingly tasty.

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22 December 2020
I really enjoyed this and have gone back to get it a couple of times

already! It’s got a bit of a pungent, fishy smell due to the mushrooms which adds an interesting flavour profile. However, it won’t be for you if you’re not into that sorta flavour and...

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1 October 2020
This was a big and well filled bao that I really enjoyed.

I’d describe the filling as tasting like chap chye but with an added truffle flavour which surprisingly worked well. Would get again for a quick snack or even a light meal as it is pretty filling ~


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26 August 2020
a bit pricey, but tastes good!

the bun is super soft and melts in your mouth, while the filling is flavourful

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11 June 2020
Just putting it out here.... Have not tried these as they are new offerings by


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27 September 2020
Part of Green Dot's Dim Sum series - don't think this is available at all

outlets? The truffle taste isn't as strong as I'd have liked, but it's a very comforting side dish nonetheless. A fluffy bao filled with mushrooms and carrots and vegetables and...

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