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  • Japanese Miso Ramen (Vegan)
  • Japanese Miso Ramen (Vegan)

Japanese Miso Ramen (Vegan)

by Greendot Vegetarian Bugis Junction


4.53 (6)

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4 December 2019
💟 Last week, I have tried their vegan laksa.

So I decided to try their miso ramen too. As a Japanese food lover, I would say this is a modified version to adapt to our local taste. The taste of miso is mild and less...

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14 June 2019
Liked the flavourful taste of the ramen soup, and the ramen noodles were special and

very nice!

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20 April 2020
Light soupy miso ramen with fresh ingredients and springy ramen noodles, overall 8/10.

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25 October 2019
It was 9.90...kinda regret but I just needed noodles and veggies...

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