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black pepper franks

by Greendot Vivocity


3.38 (9)

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3 July 2019
Couldn’t really taste the black pepper but not bad for a $5.90 side dish

with a decent serving size

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6 June 2019
a little greasy but the taste was nice and i liked that the texture was

more tofu than meat-like.

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16 March 2021
a good side dish to share.

they are sort of fried which gives them a bit of crunch..not bad and a favorite of my kids

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19 October 2020
New outlet at Rivervale Mall.

Looks suspiciously like OKK's packaged black pepper franks, cept with marked up pricing after making a trip to the fryer. Unremarkable taste.

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7 April 2020
The food took very long to arrive and it was disappointing that they forgot to

add any salt to this so there was no taste except for the black pepper.. But with salt, it has a good potential to taste nice.

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8 December 2019
big portion of fried sausages which had a similar texture to puffed tofu.

kids loved them

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5 January 2020
Don’t try to eat it without a sauce.

Tastes like rubber, not very good

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