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Tom yum soup

by Green on Earth Vegetarian Cafe


3.83 (6)

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7 April 2019
It was spicy with chilli padi and just the right amount of sour, worth it!!

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10 March 2022
My skills make this look like 2 star dish, but please excuse it.

There was an ample amount of ingredients - broccoli, cauliflower, tofu etc. But once it was cooled, it tasted more like tomato soup and was a little sweet.

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29 June 2020
Was craving for tom yum soup and went for this after reading positive reviews here.

It was a disappointment. There is nothing special about the soup and no ingredient that authentic tom yum soup should have (lemongrass, galangal etc). Taste literally like the kind of soup everyone can make with off-the-shelf tom yum paste. :(

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23 September 2021
It was so refreshing.

My pal and I finished it. Spicy and good

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6 April 2019

Spicayyyyy and delicious with generous servings for a small portion. Lurvvved it.

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29 October 2021
A variety of ingredients, not too salty, but overall quite ordinary tasting #veganisnotscary

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