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Hokkien mee

by Green on Earth Vegetarian Cafe


3.90 (8)

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31 March 2019
Hokkien mee is pretty nice, tend to be quite heavy towards the end.

The chili is really really spicy so beware.

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29 March 2020
My rating’s not that high for this one not because it wasn’t good but

cuz the other dishes I had were just even more impressive & memorable. The belachan chilli blew my family away (quite literally) tho! We LOVE spicy food and their chilli just kept us on fire 🔥

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19 August 2020
My new hideout!

I love going out with people who aren’t my age group!!

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25 November 2020
Very tasty hokkien noodles.

Would be great if the portion was bigger for the price point. The chilli provided had an extremely satisfying spicy kick to it.

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1 May 2022
Wet-style Hokkien mee topped with 'prawns' and taupok (would have liked a bit more

vegetables). Presentation was not great but taste was impressive considering no real seafood was used! Loved the accompanying sambal chilli...

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8 May 2021
Hokkien Mee ($5.90)

One of the more affordable dishes imo!! It’s pretty good too 👍🏻

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27 May 2022
Very delicious noodles~ not too many ingredients but good taste made up for the pricier


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29 October 2021
Quite an average Hokkien mee I think, no wow factor but decent enough.

I like that there’s quite a lot of veg! #veganisnotscary

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7 July 2020
First time trying a vegan version of hokkien mee.

Strong wok hei taste but I feel the dish could do better with a more flavourful broth

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