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  • JUST Egg Teriyaki Bowl
  • JUST Egg Teriyaki Bowl

JUST Egg Teriyaki Bowl

by Green Common The FOREST


4.60 (4)

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6 May 2019
This was my first time tasting Just eggs.

I was surprised at how similar it looks and feels like real eggs. The teriyaki bowl was huge, almost could not finish it. I felt it was a bit bland but I still enjoyed as it was raining outside and this warm and...

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20 February 2020
The one at Mongkok uses a udon base instead of rice, but the teriyaki flavor

is still strong.

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9 November 2019
My all-time favorite dish and a Green Common signature.

It recently disappeared from their menu (and memory, it seems) but hopefully they’ll bring it back soon as it’s been a staple for so long!

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9 July 2019
One of my favorites at Green Common!

It has a variety of vegetables in addition to the JUST egg, and the teriyaki sauce keeps it flavorful yet light.