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Heura Chicken Laksa

by Green Common Singapore


3.97 (46)

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18 March 2021
One of the best meatless laksa I have tasted! The broth is thick and tasty,

rich in coconut flavour but not overpowering. I usually don't finish up laksa broth, but I almost finished this bowl spoon by spoon! I don't fancy fake meat, so I would gladly have this without the mock chicken. Price is on the higher side, at $13, I’ll save it for special occasions.

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This tho: fantasticcc so flavourful and I’d say super close to the original? Omni friend

agreed. I think bc they use alliums unlike traditional Chinese veg stalls. But I think the addition of chicken is a bit weird, seafood mock meat would be better

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This costs 13SGD. It has heura chicken, vermicelli, bean sprouts, shallots, bean curd roll, and

tau pok. Definitely not the best laksa in Singapore. It is not so spicy and it does not have a rich laksa flavor. Singapore laksa at Yi Xin in Chinatown is so much better. #laksa #sgeats #veganin2022

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This dish was decent as a noodle dish but was a little disappointing as laksa

- it didn't really have the laksa flavors/creaminess imo. Liked the toppings especially the fried tofu skin!

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This is a big bowl of laksa. Yes it is a quite pricy ($13) but

I must say it's worth the price! By far the most expensive laksa I've had. It's got a deep rich laksa flavour, not too overwhelming (which is a good thing) and just a hint of chilli heat. Lots of tau pok, bean curd skin, Heura chicken strips, bean sprouts and bee hoon. The soup was so delicious that I finished all of it! Currently this laksa dish is ranked number 1, followed by Kwan zi zhai laksa and Green dot laksa.

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