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  • Buffalo cauliflower

Buffalo cauliflower

by Grassfed


4.47 (3)

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4 April 2019
One of my favorite dishes from my entire trip to Brisbane!

Slight Curry taste to the Buffalo sauce. Loved the addition of cilantro.

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23 January 2022
I was kind of embarrassed to buy this cause I feel like eating cauliflower as

a snack is a really stereotypical vegan thing to do but it was pretty good. I'll probably get fries and what not as a side instead in future because I like calories but it's really cool that they have a healthy option as well especially considering how unhealthy most of the menu is 😝 The sauce is delicious too.

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17 April 2020
these were incredible!

especially when you dip them into the buffalo sauce they give, i really feel like im eating wings