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  • Passionfruit cheese cake
  • Passionfruit cheese cake

Passionfruit cheese cake

by Goodsouls Kitchen


4.68 (5)

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11 July 2020
The mango and passion fruit cheesecake cost 90 baht and was nice but did not

seem like a cheesecake in flavour and texture, as it resembled somewhat icy blended fruits with little creaminess or cheesiness while the crust resembled a granola bar.

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17 January 2020
How are people clever enough to produce such delicious food!

A crunchy base, smooth creamy middle and fresh fruit to crown it ❤️

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20 November 2019
Fresco, y con una base con una agradable textura a frutos secos

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7 September 2019
Goodsouls is an amazing restaurant and I was slightly disappointed by the passionfruit cheesecake as

the taste was a bit bland. Would recommend a smoothiebowl here instead #greyton

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24 June 2022
Very very well done.

Expansive in flavour and taste, not overly done in any way. Sooo good.

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