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Vegan Burger

by Goldkind


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11 August 2019
After a first great experience at Goldkind, I went back for the vegan burger. The

party was a mix of walnuts and kidney beans and it was kind of them to add other veggie toppings to the mix since I couldn’t have the bun because of a gluten allergy. Comes with fries (wedges) and vegan mayo! Can’t go wrong. #veganaustria #goldkind

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This photo does not do it credit! I was too hungry to take again!!


walnuts gave the burger a lovely texture. A Tradition bean burger which is so refreshing after many places have started to add faux meat burgers.

This one is not tastes good, it’s much more healthy. So add sweet potatoe fries guilt free!

Leave room for vegan deserts on the menu!

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It was a great burger made of Kidney beans, walnuts and with Avocado, Spinach and

onions with wedges and vegan dip.

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