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Ceasar Salad

by Golden Dinosaurs Vegan Deli


4.60 (3)

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12 July 2020
Nice to see a Ceasar Salad on a menu and not worry if it has

dead fish or cow's milk, or any other weird stuff that is usually in Ceasar Salads at non-veg restaurants. This one tasted just as good as the classic but I'm happy to know it is fully vegan!

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22 March 2021
This was delish.

I thought it came with TVP nuggets, it said that in the description, but maybe it didn't because I got a half salad. Either way, it was really tasty.

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30 December 2022
It’s so hard to find good vegan croutons so an awesome vegan caesar is a

rarity. Loved it!

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