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by Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant


4.07 (18)

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22 December 2022
The stuffing has a good flavour, the outer layer is my favourite, the pieces at

the end were quite thick, but that works for me


Just like the real thing. Authentic spices. I love it!

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Even better than the real deal! Not too oily either. Sides were served hot too

and had a spicy kick when I felt could've been even spicier. Unlike your usual murtabak, portion is also just right - not too much dough. #crf

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More like a stuffed prata. But, undoubtedly one of the best I’ve tried so far.

Not too oily, super crispy and stuffed with delicious mock mutton masala. Loved it!

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No meat no egg but still tastes exactly like your regular murtabak. Great for that

sudden craving for Indian food. Must be able to take spice as the curries can pack a punch

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Yum!!!!! I mean it’s fried dough with mock meat and Indian spices.... this was always

going to be good. If you visit gokul, this is a must side dish.

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They’ve changed the filling so it’s not rly meaty anymore? Has some kind of veggie

inside I’m not sure what. Idk if they use onions?? I like the prata part hehe v sinful tasting and crIspy lol. $7.50

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one of the best veg restaurants in singapore without a doubt. i haven’t had a

veg murtabak anywhere before, this is a top notch dish.

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thin bread dough filled with tvp and spices. i liked that despite being fried it

wasn’t oily and came with nice and spicy dipping sauces. still downing water 3hours later..

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I would have this over any of the non-vegan murtabaks I used to have back

in the day any time! Just the right amount of spice and the curries it came with were a great accompaniment too

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