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  • Pastel de Limón/Arándano

Pastel de Limón/Arándano

by Gia Vegan Pastry Shop


4.40 (3)

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17 August 2021
This is probably my first time eating a cake like this.

It's not bad, but I'm not used to the sour taste, mostly because it had been a while since I last had a blueberry and I always used to eat the most simple desserts. The cake itself is so delicious and ultimately I would buy it again, now that I know what to expect.

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9 July 2020
I’m reviewing first the lemon and blueberries cake (pink arrow).

OMG this pastry shop is just SO GOOD, this cake was SO delicious, perfect texture, spongy and soft, not too dry, just perfect, it’s a great combination of flavors, you can taste the hint of lemon with the particular flavor of blueberries, omg just perfect

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20 February 2020
Es probablemente el pastel más sabroso que he probado en la vida

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