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  • Classic Vegan Breakfast

Classic Vegan Breakfast

by French Meadow Bakery & Cafe


3.90 (4)

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25 July 2021
Just a nice classic diner breakfast if that's what you're craving.

I'm sure it would be better dining in. The bread was dry and the hash browns and scramble were pretty flavorless.

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17 October 2019
Tofu scramble, hashbrowns, vegan sausage, and seeded sourdough toast!

The sourdough toast was really good, the scramble had lots of flavor, and the hashbrowns were perfectly cooked.

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10 June 2020
Was super yummy and a perfect breakfast!

I had a soy mocha as well! Absolutely love this place💕

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3 September 2019
What a blessing it was to find this completely vegan breakfast platter at the airport

on an early morning! Tofu scramble, toast, and even vegan breakfast sausage. I washed this down with a tall glass of tomato juice and was very happy!

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