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The Baconator

by Francis


4.30 (2)

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27 February 2022
Holy vegan meat!

This burger has two impossible patties, a double serving of Herbivorous Butcher bacon, lots of vegan cheese, and Francy sauce. No veggies here! This is definitely a meaty sandwich, and it's reflected in the price:...

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3 May 2022
This is an awesome vegan food truck located outside of Sociable Cider.

The Baconator included two impossible patties with vegan cheese, a healthy amount of Herbivorous bacon, and fancy sauce. Simple yet so good. I’m generally not a fan of fake bacon (or any bacon) but on this burger it added just a right amount of salty and smoky flavoring!

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16 January 2023
Possibly my favorite burger ever.

Pics can’t show how amazing and decadent this was. The sauce, two layers of bacon, melted cheez, three patties- just incredible. Can’t wait to go back

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