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Rainbow Sprinkle Cookie

by Francis


4.40 (3)

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8 April 2023
This cookie is a little sugar bomb, perfect for ending a meal.

It's a classic sugar cookie encrusted with cute rainbow sprinkles all over. The taste and texture reminds me a lot of those Pillsbury tubes of cookie dough with images on the inside, so when you slice the cookies to cook, they all have a picture of Santa, a pumpkin, or a bunny for the holidays. I always wished those were vegan because they were so whimsical and...

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12 May 2022
This was the perfect dessert after their chicken sandwich!

You can’t go wrong with rainbow sprinkles or a sugar cookie!

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3 May 2022
I’ll never say no to vegan dessert!

This cookie was very sweet and sugary and we were able to split it amongst the table due to its sweetness but someone that has a super sweet tooth would love it! It would have been delicious dipped in oat milk. 🤤

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