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  • Indian Stall - Vegetarian Rice Set
  • Indian Stall - Vegetarian Rice Set

Indian Stall - Vegetarian Rice Set

by Flavours @ UTown (Foodclique)


4.57 (22)

the indian stall has closed down

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30 April 2019
Roasted baby potatoes, zucchini(?) curry, super duper sweet & creamy pumpkin curry and the tasty

dhal as usual :’) Doesn’t look like a lot but they’re all super filling carbs! #curry #indian #rice #pumpkin #potato #dhal #nuseats

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The Indian stall has surprisingly wide variety of vegan options — the entire top row

of the vegetable dishes on display were vegan! The chapati, pratas and dosa are vegan too. Dosas are only sold in the morning. The owner understands what vegan is, so you can safely check with him which dishes are vegan.

Potato chunks with corn and carrot dice, vegetable, lentil and chickpea curry and dhal with rice: Love how flavourful the dishes were, without being too salty. The dhal had huge chunks of tomato and other ingredients, and was on the thinner side without compromising on taste. Any set of two vegetable dishes, dhal and rice amounts to just $2, making this really value-for-money! #nuseats #indian #dhal #curry #rice #sgeats

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all the dishes were cooked well and very flavourful! the sambal of the tofu was

a little too spicy for me (my spice tolerance is not v high tho 😅) ; rlly like the beany and nutty flavour of the chickpeas! 


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