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  • Omnimeat Dumpling

Omnimeat Dumpling

by Fine Food (Ntu)


4.33 (3)

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16 January 2022
I’m sorry for the poor photo quality, but honestly, this dish isn’t visually appealing (hence

the lack of star).

However, it tasted exceptionally good! The texture and flavour were just like the non-vegan version. The dumplings’ skin was not too thick, dry or doughy; the layer of skin did the trick to elevate the texture of the minced omni-meat, which perfectly emulated real minced meat.

Overall, complemented by ginger and vinegar perfectly, this dish is just as what one would get from a typical dim sum restaurant. Please do try it if you’re a NTU student, or when you’re in the vicinity! You won’t regret it!!!

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I tried it and legitimately began questioning whether it was real meat. The texture of

the meat was pretty close to real meat and the filling also had some of that soupy goodness. It would have been nice if the skin held together a little better, but it is decent nonetheless.

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