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Koji Beet Reuben

by Fermenter


5.00 (4)

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24 June 2022
The consisted of tender, savory, and warm Koji'd smoked roasted beets with creamy hazelnut chive

cheese, tangy kraut made from red cabbage, and horseradish sauce on grilled rye. This was amazing. The beets were unlike any I've ever had, with a crave-worthy complexity of...

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2 April 2022
Absolutely delicious beet reuben with amazing kraut.

So flipping delicious!

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1 June 2023
This flavor is wild!

How do I even describe it? It's definitely funky, earthy, umami. Asked for sourdough to avoid any possible caraway seeds.

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26 February 2022
Koji’d smoked roasted beets, hazelnut chive cheese, kraut, horsey sauce on rye

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