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DIY Bowl

by Fedwell Citywalk Sudirman


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2 May 2020
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DIY Bowl, you can pick the ingredients yourself. For the DIY bowl,

I have the quinoa brown rice, roasted pumpkin, edamame, kale slaw, rib eye steak, homemade furikake and skinny alfredo sauce. It taste quite nice, with all those different textures and flavors. Quinoa is very healthy for you, google it. They also made their own crunch seasonings and sauces.

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Bowl contains leafy greens, chinese eggplant, mushroom party, edamame, chickpea portobello with peanut sesame dressing

and puffed quinoa.

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I found the food too salty, probably from the furikake. I don't like my protein

cold. And the cauliflower sauce was too slimy

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