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California Burrito

by Evolution


4.05 (4)

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2 January 2020
Loved this burrito!!!!

Went back like 3-4 times (because the food was THAT good) & got this burrito every time! It’s stuffed with vegan carne asada, guac, salsa, fries, cheese (we subbed daiya cheese to make it nut free bc the usual cheese is cashew based), and more that I’m forgetting at the moment (probably beans, maybe some rice, I just remember it was AMAZING). The burrito was huge & great to...

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23 February 2021

this one. seen a lot of good reviews so it might have been an off night but it kinda tasted like they accidentally dumped a bunch of chili seasoning in it ♡


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4 July 2019
It was huge and delicious burrito.

I never thought of adding fries to a burrito. The mock carne asada tastes good with the guac and pico

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1 August 2019
Love this burrito!

Evolution is entirely vegan so you can guarantee it’s all plant based. This burrito is a bit pricey but it’s very filling. Evolution is one of my favorite lunch spots.