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Rojak salad

by Elemen @ HarbourFront


4.10 (6)

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11 February 2019
A very different take on rojak!!

Very fresh but could be a little tastier...

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29 August 2020
Fruit salad in an Asian Peanut Sauce.. with I think a bit of a tang

from maybe tamarind

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28 November 2020
Not the traditional rojak with black paste as expected but really refreshing and citrusy

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28 August 2020
Elemen is having a promotional localicious set for the month of July and August.

(Do note that not all items are vegan). With a medley of fruits (pineapple), vegetables (cucumber, turnips etc) and fried doughsticks topped with their sweet peanut sauce and peanut crunch, this is easily one of my most favourite dish in the menu! Other than the sauce being a little too sweet, it complements the vegetables very...

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25 November 2019
Best vegan rojak I’ve had.

I didn’t like the dragon fruit in it, but the other fruits with the amazing sauce was perfect. Sour, tangy and sweet all in one. I could just have the sauce on its...

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25 May 2020
Nice and tangy, very pretty presentation.

A unique way to make this dish - very unlike the original inspiration (but that’s probably a good thing)

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