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Eight treasures tofu

by Eight Treasures


3.84 (9)

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5 July 2021
Been going to this restaurant for 12 years or more and this dish is still

my favourite! Can easily just eat this with rice. Big fan of the olive + spinach combo, super savoury but the silky tofu waters it down just enough so you don’t get tired of it. A must have at family dinners 🤪 #abillionxkinder

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Would be nice if there’s a higher proportion of tofu to the mushrooms and veggies.

Tasty dish overall, yummy gravy. Amount of gravy can be reduced.

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Not one of my faves but still thoroughly enjoyed it.
Good to share. Slightly salty but

quite yummy and a great addition to a dinner meal with friends. Always enjoy the silty tofu Instead of something fried too!

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I didn't get to try the tofu buried underneath the heap of veg!! Too many

dishes on the table and by the time I got to trying this one, there were only veggies and mushrooms left lol. But I enjoyed slurping up the gravy and soft spinach.

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The tofu was a a little bland but the sauce with mushrooms and spinach was


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So you can't really see the tofu in this picture but there was a lot

of it under the pile of vegetables :) I liked that the sauce was not overly starchy and the dish was not too rich.

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Super nutritious with plenty of spinach and tofu underneath, though the tofu is a bit

bland it feels clean tasting, good for cleansing palate between dishes!

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No probé el tofú (no me gusta) pero la salsa, los aliños todoo lo demás

estaba sabrosisimo❤️

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