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Pain au Chocolat

by Dolce Bakery


4.47 (6)

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26 June 2021
The Pain au Chocolat from Dolcé Bakery - mouthwateringly superb!

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So decadent and chocolatey!! I ordered on uber eats and warmed it in the microwave

and it literally oozed with chocolate 🤤😍

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I was blessed this morning by a colleague bringing this to me at our morning

meeting. What a yummy start to the day! I love that the inside is filled properly with chocolate - often I find that people will make these with just one thin stripe of chocolate down the middle. It's not flaky but that's OK. Love the nuts on top as well.

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My favorite vegan croissant, such a hit! Sometimes the croissants can be a bit stale

but this one was fresh and delicious !!

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