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  • Crystal Corn Dumpling

Crystal Corn Dumpling

by D'life Signature 蔬品軒


4.36 (5)

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2 March 2023
Dainty lil morsels of #steamed corn alongside a mishmash of vegetable mince enveloped in glutinous

rice wrapper. Exquisite and as always, #dimsum #stillhungry. Don't try to share...

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19 March 2023
I’m not the biggest fan of these 😵 Steamed #corn in a sack of

starch 🥴 It hampers it’s natural sweetness and uh, the presentation is on the low end of the #dimsum spectrum so uh, #illpass 🥱

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8 January 2023
玉米水晶包 Distinct sweet corn kernels along with other bits of veggies!

Loved the juicy and generous amount of fillings along with crunchy bursts of corn. The translucent skin was thin, as well as remained soft and stretchy even after taking photos for some time. P.S. The new one-page dim sum menu at D'Life Signature Chinatown Point is fully...

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29 January 2023
玉米水晶包 Crystal Corn Dumpling $4.80

Initially expected just corn kernels inside but they are mixed with veggies like carrot bits too, making the flavour profile more multifaceted! :)

#dimsum #dumplings

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28 January 2023
These crystal corn dumplings were delicious.

The translucent skin was thin, soft and slightly chewy. Fillings were tasty and fresh with sweet corn kernels and some veggies like peas, carrots etc. Tiny in size.

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23 January 2023
This was so yummy 😋 love the sweet corn.

Dimsum here is better than lingzhi

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