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Carrot Cake

by Divine Realm Vegetarian Restaurant


4.20 (6)

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28 July 2021
Not too bad for a vegan carrot cake!!

I did enjoy how the flavours really came together!!

It would have been much better if it was ‘burnt’ a bit more!! Even though it wasn’t too bad I probably wouldn’t be ordering this from them again :( it was around $5.70 so it’s not worth the money either!

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31 January 2021
Nothing spectacular, a tummy filler over rice.

Black and white versions both executable.

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26 February 2022
Very few restaurants served carrot cakes.

Each time I see new menu…I would go n try them. It has become a “thing to do”……otherwise life can be come boring…after some time.

Like eating same vegan food….studying Buddhism with exam in October so any free time I go study and dare not go...

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19 November 2021
Blissed out after this black chai tow kueh!

Minus the eggs plus some towgay.

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22 January 2022
I love the QQ texture of the carrot cake.

Remember to add their sambal chilli.

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