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Veg Baozi

by Delicious Baobing


4.25 (8)

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22 January 2023
Buonissimo bao gigante e per giunta economico. Consigliato! Piacevole da mangiare nel freddo dell’inverno

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Today I went to this little place where they mainly sell chinese street food. I

have a few things to say:
- First, the reason why I doubt I'll go there again: plastic. Plastic everywhere. We sat at the table and we were given plastic plates and plastic cups. I mean, it's prevalently a take away restaurant: but still, even for take away, I think this packaging wouldn't be acceptable. Even more so since we were actually eating there.

- It's very small. They have only four tables, and I must say that COVID rules weren't perfectly followed. Mainly the distance between customers sitting at the same table.

- They have LOTS of vegan options. And even when they are vegetarian, they clearly state that they can make the vegan version.

- It's very cheap

- The food was generally great!

I liked this bao particularly: it's generously stuffed with veggies and tofu, I enjoyed it a lot.

Overall, I think that for the time being I won't go back. Mainly I'll reconsider when they upgrade their packaging, and for take away only.


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Sono rimasta un po’ delusa da questo baozi. È molto panoso e c’è poco ripieno..

magari è normale che sia così ma in ogni caso non credo che lo riprenderei

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Personalmente ho trovato la farcitura poca rispetto alla grandezza del Baozi, ma è buono e

onesto nel prezzo

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È buonissimo, ma mi sembra che ultimamente il ripieno sia un po’ cambiato

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