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Nasi Briyani

by Daily Green 吉祥素


4.16 (5)

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8 January 2022
Another yummy dish from Daily Green 💚

This time I tried the Briyani and it was sooo tasty. Came with brinjal, okra and monkey head mushroom drenched in curry 😛 Also #byo-friendly!

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14 August 2022
This is tumeric rice,with more of a western style curry with papadum.

I added cucumbers n tomatoes at home cos i ordered it via grab food.

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24 May 2021
This was soooo good as well!!

Generous serving of vegan mutton and the curry was so flavourful 👍👍 portion is really huge as well!


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2 November 2021
My first time of Chinese dishes.. Enjoyed nasi biryani, chicken rice and vegetable curry.

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22 March 2021
went in the evening around 6.30pm and this was all they had left.

the curry contains mock mutton pieces, potato, eggplant and lady's fingers. quite tasty and pairs nicely with the rice. portion size was good as well - there were at least 4-5 big chunks of...

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