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  • Fruit Rojak 水果羅惹
  • Fruit Rojak 水果羅惹

Fruit Rojak 水果羅惹

by D’Life Signature


3.57 (6)

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7 November 2021
#VeganIsNotScary #254


This was so good! First time tried this outlet ..waited so ling to tabao...

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23 April 2021
Supposedly nut-free.

Somehow still managed to taste remnants of it in the rojak sauce 🙊

Great tasting, refreshing fruit salad best enjoyed after meal (heavy on palate).

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29 January 2021
This is a true blue fruit rojak.

It had fruit and radish, and no dough fritters. Which makes it higher in the nutrition rating....

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15 August 2021
Made up of green apples, pineapples, some cucumbers and turnip(perhaps).

I think these were already precut and just tossed with the sauce and sprinkled with peanuts. Not too bad but very sweet due to the lack of youtiao(like the generic rojak) and more cucumbers to neutralise the sweet sauce. The sauce is slightly different from the usual ones I ate from vegetarian...

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20 December 2019
Mainly cucumbers, pineapples and turnips with very little mango (or guava?).

The sauce is nice but but, how can you call it ‘rojak’ without the youtiaos right? 😩 $4.50 for this (additional 20 cents for take-away order).

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16 March 2019
i asked for the sauce to be separated bc i wasnt sure how spicy it

wld be but i think i neednt hv worried HAHA 😅 there were green apples, turnip, pineapple, cucumbers and mangoes - other than the mangoes which i felt was an odd addition, not too bad on the whole but on second thoughts im not sure whether i wld pay $4 for this again HAHA

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