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claypot tofu

by D' Life


4.53 (6)

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4 March 2022
Love the softness of the tofu and the assortment of veggies!

But I wish the sauce could be more savory. #sgeats #tofu #tofulover

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19 August 2020
All dishes here are vegan unless stated otherwise (their western dishes especially) so i somewhat

enjoy coming here! They have vegan options for cakes too

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23 March 2022
A nice mix of veggies with tofu in a tasty broth - we all enjoyed it.

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26 June 2020
a lot of different types of ingredients for a $8 dish, yummy

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17 March 2020
Really yummy, this.

Tofu and veggies in a nice gravy. Goes well with any rice/noodle dish or even on its own.

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