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  • Vegan Cheese Platter
  • Vegan Cheese Platter

Vegan Cheese Platter

by Cultivate Cafe


4.15 (4)

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30 December 2022
Amazing taste. If you have the chance, just get it! Will be coming back just

for this dish :) the cheese pairs incredibly well with the condiments

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They use Miyoko’s artisanal cheese here, crackers, strawberries and caramelised onion. Beautiful combination, even cheese

lovers wouldn’t miss out on anything!
Great for sharing.

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Unlike my review of the #caviar, I’m serious about not getting this. Not unless you’re

really into #cheese and/or if the idea of #vegancheese seriously intrigues you. It’s literally just a serving of Nut Culture’s line of #dairyfree cheese, though apparently they do occasionally serve that of Miyoko's Creamery, with some fancy cut fruits, crackers, & a spread 🤷‍♀️ It’s not exactly worth the S$18 you’d be paying for a single serving; S$24 for two when you can easily get these fairly cheap off the shelf https://www.abillion.com/brands/nut-culture-10005920 🧀 Perhaps though I take my privilege of being able to enjoy a #charcuterie of #fromage with all my vegan faes too lightly though. After all, what is #finedining without a platter of smelly European food? 🫢

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Certain reviews voice concerns over simply serving Miyoko's vegan cheese. From my perspective,

if it tastes good and is marketed as such, there are no issues. Presentation is exquisite and fits well into the setting. The jam, onion marmalade and berries greatly add to the over all dish and enhance the flavors. Portion sizing for two is more than sufficient. Pricing expensive but is within framework of restaurant.

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