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Artichoke Oysters

by Crossroads Kitchen


4.76 (5)

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9 March 2022
A friend from out of town -who also is vegan- wanted to try Crossroads Kitchen.

We went crazy with their inventive, extraordinary menu! We wanted to order everything- but settled on for starters.. artichoke oysters. Beautiful presentation- chewy and perfectly...

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6 October 2022
Crossroads signature starter, creates an umami flavor bomb in your mouth!

Two of my favorite foods cooked perfectly, artichokes & mushrooms! Only complaint is that I wish one order was twice the size.

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31 December 2021
Embarrassingly, I wasn't totally sure how to eat these at first!

They are quite good.


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30 September 2021
This was surprisingly good and I was so impressed with their beautiful presentation

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11 September 2021
All I wish was that they served more.

A delicious bite and quite original. Vegan caviar was a first for me but this was a great new dish!

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14 February 2023
Just gorgeous, I can’t get enough of this place, everything is fantastic

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