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by Coocaca @ Great World City


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2 March 2019
[Sao Paolo Superbowl, $12.50]
Acai bowls, exuberantly sweet and creamy and full of heart-sparking, mood-boosting

magic. Sao Paolo bowl was slightly melty (which only made me more excited to cram it into my mouth) but oh so delicious; elevated with the delightful crunch of a hefty cascade of granola; and the cacao nibs bringing out the slight chocolate notes in the acai blend; crisp coconut flakes for a textural contrast; goji berries providing a refreshing sweet-sour dynamic— and the love of my life: almond butter. Drippy, sticky, coats your palate with bliss. Wolfed this bowl down, and then half of the other pictured Pura Vida bowl. Would say “oops”, but I do not feel guilty at all.

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I love acai! It reminds me of ice cream but it’s healthy. The toppings are

amazing on this however I wish the acai was a bit thicker! I love the Gogi berries it adds a little bit of chewy ness and I have a weakness for almond butter too!

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A sweeter than I’m used to but a great acai bowl still.
I added blueberries which

were not great. A little too frozen for my liking.
Would be great if they had some nut butter on it - because I’m in love with it!
Makes for a decent bowl but there are better ones around
#acai #smoothie

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It's nice to be able to have a healthy whole food snack on Orchard.

If you want in they serve it in reusable bowls. The almond butter in this dish adds a really nice texture. The granola adds a nice crunch and it's just the right level of sweetness overall.

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