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Marmite Mushrooms

by Common Man Coffee Roasters


4.38 (10)

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19 November 2020
I loved this!

A perfectly toasted sourdough, topped with salty and a little bit of sweet grilled mushrooms over a bed of smashed avo 🥑

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26 November 2020
Loved this one.

You have to love marmite or vegemite. I thought it was lovely. Good amount of mushrooms and decent avo serving size as...

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31 October 2022
Outrageously overpriced and small portion.

If you are ok to splurge, the toast was delicious and has nice flavour combination. The toast was crispy and fresh, plenty of avocado and tasty mushrooms.

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16 July 2020

Its my fav avocado toast! Eat it when its hot cause the bread gets tough once its cold.

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17 February 2020
Common Man does not have a lot of vegan options, but this is absolutely BOMB.

The Marmite was subtle, and added to the salty umami of this dish. The avo was super creamy and a very generous potion - the sourdough was fantastic too. Highly recommend for lazy Sunday brunches - the oat milk latte is very good too

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18 February 2019
Common Man known to be one of the best brunch spots in SG and it

lives up to its hype. The Marmite Mushrooms avocado toast is the only vegan option on the menu (it’s labeled as vegan, which is helpful), but it is REALLY good. Deliciously thick bread, plenty of avo, and these wonderful mushrooms on top.

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20 January 2021

While common man can be a little pricey, this dish is very filling and they are quite accommodating to veganizing dishes. One of the best #avocadotoast I’ve had, with great #mushrooms and #sourdough 😋

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1 December 2019
Very filling - the avocado was plentiful and the mushrooms tasty and plentiful as well.

I was not hungry until very many hours later. It is the only vegan option on the menu. The place itself is really nice and cosy.

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18 January 2020
Perfect vegan brunch dish, ever!

The toast is crispy but soft and nice, mushroom is seasoned nicely to compliment the creamy avocado.

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18 January 2020
Great taste, price is okay.

Would order again

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