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Vegan Wrap

by Colibri Brunch


3.80 (2)

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7 May 2023
I know, it looks good… but in reality it was soooo heavy.

I ordered it at home on my lazy day off, and after 4 hours of my stomach trying to digest this, I had to go out and buy a coca cola to help out the process. The #meatsubstitute was super heavy and greasy, and the pairing with #peppers didn’t help my digestive system. The #guacamole at least was abundant and on point, but still these are 12€ I wish I had spent...

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10 January 2023
Really yummy good value.

Lovely staff. Wish there were a few more vegan options but was so yummy. They also do delicious matcha hot and cold drinks aswell as smoothies

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