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  • Mexican Fried Chick’n Taco

Mexican Fried Chick’n Taco

by Club Mexicana


4.53 (3)

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5 June 2022
Even though this was my least favourite taco, it was still incredible - thats how good

this place is! Really nice flavours and textures in the creative food plus a fun atmosphere. #veganlondon #londoneats

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9 August 2022
Has annatto glazed fried chick’n, avocado, pickled cabbage, mustard mayo, pink onions and pickled chilli.

It’s difficult for me not to like something that’s fried so this taco dish is a plus for me.

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29 April 2022
Absolutely unreal.

I had it with garlic Mayo instead of mustard Mayo and it was absolutely amazing 😍🙌🏼 £4 per taco or 3 of the same for £10

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