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Classic nachos

by Club Mexicana


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30 July 2023
The best vegan nachos I've ever had in my life hands down. Nothing compares. We

thought the Classic option would be smaller than the Fully Loaded and it was shared between two persons, but it was still quite a large quantity and felt like a main dish compared to our tacoes. The nachos were of superior crunch and texture and the sauces and toppings were abundant and generous. Absolutely delicious all around.

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😍 really enjoyable nibble! It comes with a queso making this on-point from imitating the

omni version. High in salt but what do you expect health food 🤷‍♂️. Would order again is enough for a table of 4.

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The cheese on this was so good that the non-vegans in the group forgot we

were at a vegan restaurant!! Proof that everybody can #ditchdairy. I did pick the nachos version without faux meat, but I do wish we had a bit more toppings as some chips were quite dry. Still. Amazing though! #londoneats #veganlondon

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