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Buffalo Mushroom Taco

by Club Mexicana


4.48 (5)

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23 November 2021
Definitely my favorite.

Batered and fried oyster mushroom with buffalo hot sauce. It was a delicious taco.

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16 June 2021
Honestly have not stopped thinking about these since I had them, possibly the best soft

shell tacos ever

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28 August 2021
Still really tasty but probably my least favourite.

Probably could have done with a few less tacos after that huge nachos but the 3 for £10 draws you in. All in all really enjoyed our experience.

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30 December 2021
this was my least fave of the tacos here, buuuut the standard was high so

this was still tasty!! #veganisnotscary

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18 October 2021
This taco has battered and fried oyster mushrooms, buffalo hot sauce, ranch dressing, pickled jalapeños

and slaw. I tried 4 out of 5 of their tacos and each of them were really unique. I enjoyed this one a lot because I’m a fan of oyster mushrooms!

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