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Old Skool Cinnamon Bun

by Cinnaholic Victoria


4.07 (3)

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13 July 2022
I just learned that Cinnaholic is 100% vegan!

And they are sooo good! This cinnamon roll is freshly-baked, that's why the vanilla frosting kind of melted a bit. But that's alright, because the roll's texture is so soft and...

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10 October 2021
I’m so glad that there’s finally a fully vegan cinnamon place in Victoria.

It’s one of my favourite treats and this was probably the best one that I’ve ever had (ever). So good. Will definitely be back.

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26 January 2023
Got for a picky child non-vegan child and he loved it!

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23 February 2022
First time trying this one from this shop and it got excellent taste reviews from

my child!

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