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Cinnamon Buns

by Cinnaholic


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7 October 2020
When you walk in ... you can have comfort everything is vegan!!!
The cinnamon buns

are amazing ... the coffee beverages are amazing... the owner and everyone working there is amazing... so get on over to the Boca Raton.. cause as of now they are the only Cinnaholic in Florida...

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Cinnaholic is great because they make your cinnamon roll/s fresh right in front of you

in individual batches customized by you! The two varieties we ordered are cookies and cream & s’mores. These are definitely sugary treats, so bring your sweet tooth. Our store is currently allowing dine in or take out. This is a very casual establishment located near the FAU campus. A bonus is that all of items in the store are vegan, so I recommend trying one of everything LOL!

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