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New York Melt

by Church - Temple of Fun


4.30 (2)

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2 February 2023
Oh my god - what an incredible burger!!

Genuinely one of the best I’ve ever had in my whole life.

I came here with a load of non-vegans and they all thought the food was amazing. Love to see a vegan business doing so incredibly...

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2 February 2022

A B12(?) Patty on broiche with pickles, lettuce, mayo, applewood cheese, red onion and tomato, served with lovely crisp dill fries, the burger is so meaty, juicy and tasty. Good value at £10.95 ,and really u usual setting. Very...

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18 September 2020
This was an excellent vegan burger all round but what really stood out was the

CHEESE - gooey, stretchy, tasty and melted to perfection which is something I struggle to do at home and other restaurants don't even attempt, so massive props to them. I wasn't a massive fan of the big rings of raw red onion in the burger, they felt a little out of place in what was otherwise such a well-crafted item, but they were picked out easily enough. The burgers also come with fries included in the price now which is very exciting!

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