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12 December 2021
The brioche was the highlight, so soft and delicious!

😭 The chicken was really salty though, it was fine for the most part but when I was finishing it, I could taste the salt even more and I struggled a little.. I don’t drink and I do know that pub food is supposed to be salty to encourage you to drink more so it could be just me, I would’ve liked it to be less salty. The tomato was surprisingly thin too and made me a little sad haha.

Still overall a really nice meal, these fries were nice too :)

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18 September 2020
I only got a bite of this burger sadly but my bf reviews it as

"f-ing fantastic" so that pretty much sums it up. I like to keep a close tally of the best vegan fried chicken in Sheffield and I have to say, this southern fried chicken patty is right up there: moist, textured, delicious crispy batter. An absolute win if you're bored of B12 patties, and even if you're not.

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