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  • Ducked Up Loaded Fries

Ducked Up Loaded Fries

by Church - Temple of Fun


4.53 (3)

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2 February 2023
This restaurant bar is incredibly - fully vegan and super vibes.

About half the people in my group ordered these loaded chips and everybody liked them :) I thought the duck got a bit too sweet towards the end, but the flavors were exactly as advertised. Very generous portions! You must come here if you are in...

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27 March 2022
These are so delicious.

Best loaded fries I've had

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8 July 2021
My daughter had these which I sampled, really delicious.

The mock duck was so good, flavoured with a plum type sauce, loaded with chilli's, cucumber, onions and a mayo, definitely would order myself next time.

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18 September 2020
Church has always done unreal loaded fries and these are no different - the shredded duck

went divinely with the hoisin sauce and wasabi mayo, the fries themselves were crispy and the spring onions added a fresh lift. Definitely on my top three loaded fries list.

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