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Matcha Latte

by Chillin' Cafe


4.40 (3)

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14 April 2021
Pues es la primera vez que lo pruebo y me gusto bastante uwu ademas te

dan a elegir si lo quieres con leche de soja o de avena (yo lo pedí con soja)

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22 May 2021
Gluten free pancakes with an iced matcha latte.

The pancakes were super simple, but pretty decent, and the matcha latte was also decent. The vibe in this cafe is super laid back, and a great place to go solo; lots of books on the wall to choose from while you enjoy your meal.


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8 February 2019
Con leche de avena, este latte fue muy rico!

Si te gusta la matcha, vas a disfrutar esta bebida!

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