The Greek (with OnlyEg)

  • Is The Greek (with OnlyEg) vegan? Yes! The Greek (with OnlyEg) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

[November Exclusive with abillion] The Greek with OnlyEg Patties (vegan) OnlyEg Patties, Eggplant, Peppers, Caramelised Onion, Vegan Cheese

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The Greek sandwich at Carrotstick & Craving Restaurant is a Vegan Month Special, a collaboration

with abillion & onlyeg.

The Menu
I love the way Carrotstick & Craving gives recognition to their partners on its menu. abillion & Onlyeg 100% plant based logos were printed after The Greek, and a special mention of Nut Culture for its vegan cheese in The Greek. I just feel so good inside…

The Plating
I really love the flat plate The Greek is served on, round & white. I feel a sense of calmness in the roundness of the plate.

The pesto sauce, green from the Basil leaves & golden from the olive oil, beautifully surrounded The Greek, elevating the plating like a piece of Art.

When The Greek is being served, the sandwich stood out right away. The pesto sauce was spread on top of the Sourdough bread, instead of being hidden underside. A style that is unique & eye catching.

The vegan cheese, bell peppers & caramelized onions are presented in a way that they are spilling out of the sandwich & some on the plate itself. It wasn’t as neat & compact as a sandwich would be. Yet, its imperfection in its own is prefect!

Dining at Carrotsticks
The ambience of Carrotsticks communicates a sense of peacefulness & calmness. The soft warm lightings, the soft music, the white tiles & little pots of plants on the shelves & tables, convey a very deep relaxing atmosphere.

I could see much thoughts have been put into the menu. Many of the dishes & drinks are very healthy, light & nutritious. I feel really good inside.

The Greek
The Greek is a sandwich with 5 main ingredients:

1) Onlyeg Patties: The colour is spot on. Special thought has put to brown the base of the patties which right away gives a very close texture and taste of a real egg omelette. I am very thankful that Onlyeg has left out the sulphur taste of the real egg.

2) Eggplant 🍆: The chef has definitely aced this. The eggplant is sliced very thinly horizontally and cooked perfectly. The softness and the smoothness of the eggplant is heavenly!

3) Peppers: Bell peppers of red & yellow brought lots of colours to the sandwich. Green bell peppers are actually unripe. Yellow & red bell peppers are mature & packed with more nutrients. A lot of thoughts have been put into to make The Greek a healthy sandwich for everyone!

4) Caramelised onions: I am so thankful that the onions are sliced thinly and caramelised. The rawness & strong flavour of the onions are greatly reduced making this so much palatable.

5) vegan cheese: I am so thankful Carrotsticks uses vegan cheese from Nut Culture. I love Nut Culture cheese. They are made with really good ingredients.

Lastly, the sourdough bread, the one that supports & rests on top. They taste so so good. The sourness that comes through is so distinctive & welcoming. I love the crunchiness of the bread too. The sound is like music to my ears…

Put all together…a Masterpiece!

Price of The Greek
S$19 for a full hearty meal! Totally worth its price tag.

What Is There After The Greek
The Greek will take its leave from the menu after the Vegan month which ends on 30 Nov. I wasn’t feeling any sadness… in fact, I am already planning my next visit! I love the food. I feel so healthy, peaceful & calm just being at Carrotsticks

The Staff
Beautiful ladies, full of smiles & laughter, full of life & energy. They dress in what made them feel beautiful & happy. They speak of what Carrotsticks stands for : Happiness & Health.


This gets all 5 stars for me!

The presentation was wow! A hearty mix of beautiful

colours. The serving was generous with good mix of vegetable, onlyeg, cheese, etc

The olive oil adds so much flavour to the sandwich

The two staff lady at #carrotsticks were amazing. Ever serving with smiles and positive vibes.

This is the first time I tried #onlyeg and it’s amazing. The texture is great and taste is awesome.

I like the colour red and yellow peppers.

The bread is a bit hard for me as I prefer softer bread

I discovered that there is bluesg ports here so it’s super convenient to dine here accessible by train, car

We came here during lunch hours so the crowd was so cool crowd too.

Highly recommended and thanks @abillion10 for having this super dish for the vegan month

Ooh this was so so so so good! The bread was crunchy and the capsicum

was really nice. The brinjal was really good also, and the nut cheese was nice and tangy. The OnlyEg was the best vegan egg I have tasted so far. It tastes like egg but not too strong.

The ambience was really nice, and the staff were polite and friendly. Definitely worth the $19 and trip there !!!


Yum yum. I loved the presentation of the dish. The artistic placement of the pesto

sauce, nut cheese and capsicum on the plate was very pleasing to the eye. Very bright and beautiful colours. A work of art itself.

The bread was beautifully crunchy, with that little sourness that comes with sourdough bread. The pesto added flavor, and a buttery-ness to the bread, although I would have liked it if the basil and herbs taste was stronger. Alittle mild...

This sandwich is brimming full of capsicum and the capsicum was good 💝 so soft and juicy!
With the right amount of capsicum tartness taste to it. There was alittle hint of olive oil, but I would have liked it if it was stronger. That would have elevated the dish more, and I am a fan of olive oil 😂

The eggplant slices were cut nice and thin. So smooth, creamy and buttery. Absolutely delicious. Almost melts in your mouth!

I loved the nut cheese. It has this sourness and tartness to it. Nice texture.
For the OnlyEg, the vegan star of the dish, I have to say, this is the first vegan egg I have eaten that came close to tasting like the real egg.

Vegan eggs are yummy, but this one definitely had that kick. At the same time, the taste isnt powerful or strong that would put you off the way real eggs does. It is still mild, but flavourful. Not like the others that taste yummy but not much resemblence to egg taste.

Texture wise, more on the chewy side, but love the charring work done on it.

Didn't opt out of the onions this time. The onions are cooked well and soft.

This was delicious. It was healthy and good. I could taste the quality and love in the cooking.

The tables were set beautifully, with little plants and cups for water. There was free flow of water as well. The ambience outside and inside the shop was open, airy, and bright. The music is nice and not too loud. The staff are very friendly, warm and all smiles.

Great dish and great place👍

@abillion10 #onlyeg #carrotsticks

Maybe it was the fact that i went in with a hyped up expectation, this

felt like any other sandwich by way of flavor. They need to up their flavor profile. Good on them for trying out up and coming proteins like #OnlyEg

Love the great overall flavour of this sandwich. While Onlyeg doesn't have that signature eggy

taste you get from real eggs, I like that you get to skip all the excess cholesterol from them and that its texture isn't too gummy or rubbery which can sometimes be the case with egg replacements... :)

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