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  • Crispy Tofu Bowl
  • Crispy Tofu Bowl

Crispy Tofu Bowl

by Cactus Club Cafe Coal Harbour


4.40 (4)

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21 December 2018
This is a flavour explosion, but like EVERY dish at Cactus Club, I'm hungry once

I'm done. Portion sizes could be better for the high price of the meals. Cactus Club has been notoriously "not vegan friendly" so I am grateful that this dish is now on the main menu. Try it!


Such an amazing bowl of flavours! A must try! 😀🙌

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This dish really surprised me. It was way more delicious than I would have expected,

given that the Cactus Club is certainly not a restaurant that specialises in vegan food. They did really well with this dish. Nailed it, I would even say. The soy chilli tofu was gorgeously crispy, sweet and tasty with a light spicy kick. Tofu can be pretty bland when not prepared in an interesting way. This was far from that. The taste and texture were both superb. The other items in this bowl (jasmine rice, mango, edamame, avocado, cucumber, radish) really complimented the tofu and each other. Nothing was just a "filler" ingredient. Even the colours were great (no filter on the photo). It's described as "vegan friendly" because they can't guarantee that the ingredients have not come into contact with non vegan ingredients, but I'm pretty sure that's standard for any omnivore restaurants. I was super pleased to find a gem of a dish at a popular omnivore hangout!

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The dish was tasty but I got food poisoning form it, I am thinking it

was due to cross contamination as I went with two non vegan friends and they order the same but with tuna and they also got food poisoning

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