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Mini Trio

by Burgreens Bandung


4.68 (5)

Available in Gluten-free, Onion-free, and Vegan option.

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24 May 2020
It can get sickening if you eat too much, that’s why I ordered the

mini ones!! One is a bean burger, one is chickpea i think and idk the last one. Each one has a different taste so it’s really really good!!

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23 December 2019
I went to have the meal with my cousin who is not plant-based, and

she too, found the patties to be really delicious. Same goes with the sauce. Oh the sweet potatoes chips were really...

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20 December 2019
a burger trio to share with company!

one had seitan, one had tofu and the other had vegan patty, perhaps made of spinach and chickpeas or mushroom? not too sure (the mini burger trio is originally vegetarian but a vegan option is available) #jaan

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7 December 2019
Cute little burgers, I need 10 of these please Burgreens!

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7 December 2019
I think the burger taste pretty unique and good.

Love the salty chips and the salad!

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