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Seasonal On Toast

by Brunswick East


4.25 (4)

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24 August 2023
Amazing dish. It was quite expensive but really tasty. Nice place ( trendy) in Dalston!

#veganhackney #eastlondon

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I love Brunswick easts take on the seasonal smash, it changes regularly. At the moment

(summer 2023) it has fresh nut cheese, a type of tomato tapenade sauce and runner beans. Definitely an original choice for breakfast if you’re looking for something a bit different!

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This dish brunch looked fabulous. My understanding is treat the topping changes all the time

according to season. The taste was very nice although not sensational but overall it feels really earthy and healthy. However, the price at £14.50 is very disappointing. Possibly the most expensive brunch I have ever had here in hackney, London. Considered this is still quite a poor area in many way it’s a shame that this won’t be affordable to many.
#dalstonvegan #dalston #hackneyvegan #hackney #veganlondon #veganbrunch

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Its beautifully presented but very oily. The price (£12.50) is also quite high for a

slice of bread with braised mushrooms on top. The caramelised chestnut and almond butter was ok but way too sweet to match the mushrooms.

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