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  • Chickenless Sandwich
  • Chickenless Sandwich

Chickenless Sandwich

by Bo Tree Plant-Based Cuisine


4.30 (2)

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7 January 2021
REALLY loved this burger. It was substantial & totally worth the price. The patty was

so thick & crispy and very juicy on the inside. Fries were battered = absolutely delicious!!!! Will order again, for sure!!! 💚

*Remove sauce to make vegan - can be replaced with bbq, avacado sauce or mango sauce. I used my own vegan mayo I had at home 🌱

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The fried seitan “chicken” has a nice outer crunch. I ordered it with no sauce

since that wasn’t vegan but I put my own vegan mayo on it after. Hoping I can ordered this completely vegan in the future. Anyway, if you’re craving a vegan chicken sandwich, this will hit the spot!

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